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Access Control systems and software

Access Control

Simplify your Security with IP Access Control

Electronic Access Control provides the most efficient, scalable and cost effective method of securing your building, personnel, assets and data.

Regardless of the size of your business there are a number of key benefits delivered by an access control system, including:

  • Increased general safety of staff and visitors
  • Improved workplace health and safety
  • Protection of valuable assets and data

Whether you require single door entry access or a fully integrated security solution across multi-sites, Boston Networks can utilise your existing building’s network to significantly improve your physical security infrastructure. Our scalable and resilient solutions include:

  • Access Control for single or multi door sites to ensure your entire estate is secure.
  • Smart card technology  to broaden the capability of you access control.
  • Biometrics to use unique characteristics to establish access, providing an increased level of security.
  • Wireless devices to allow remote and ubiquitous monitoring, response and management.
  • Combined surveillance, intruder alarm and door entry systems to provide enhanced levels of security and simplified maintenance and management.
  • Integration with building management systems to reduce the cost of deployment and lower your carbon footprint.

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