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Construction Magazine feature

This month’s edition of Construction Magazine features a full page article on Boston Networks. You can read the full article below.

Boston Networks is a UK leader in the design, installation and support of high-performance network infrastructures. As an independent network specialist, they have a rare combination of breadth of experience and depth of knowledge.

Since its foundation in 2000, Boston Networks has been helping businesses and the public sector improve their performance, maximise precious budgets and deliver the multiple benefits of technology to their employees, stakeholders, buildings and cities.

As a long-standing partner of the world’s leading vendors, they understand how network technologies have changed and are changing. They know from experience what works best in a host of different industries and organisations and how best to adapt to our rapidly changing world.

Boston Networks has designed and built wireless and intelligent building systems for a number of industries including local government, education, health, transportation and public spaces. So whether you’re deploying network cabling, enterprise wireless LAN, multi-site, hybrid telecoms networks or you require advanced technology, such as RFID or network video surveillance, Boston Networks deliver competitive solutions making your business smarter and leaner.

Boston Networks work to maximise your network. The result? A myriad of cost saving and performance enhancing benefits, including streamlined business processes, reduced operating costs, simplified maintenance and an attractive return on investment.

Whether they are working at point of construction, or as part of an upgrade, Boston Networks deliver real business benefits at every stage of your project.

Managing Director, Scott McEwan and co-founder and Chief Executive Keith Anderson, pooled their experience and knowledge to create Boston Networks, a company born at the start of the 21st century, ready to capitalise on the rapid technological advancements in network systems.

“At the time there weren’t many companies focusing on both the cabling and the wireless marketplaces,” says Scott, “and we identified this as a gap in the market we could fill; providing specialist, combined cabling and wireless infrastructure services.” But it wasn’t an easy first few years, admits Scott. “We started off in a very deprived area of Glasgow, called Govan, at the start of a mini-recession. But, by overcoming these negative factors it’s made us resilient enough to navigate our way through the current difficult times.”

In addition to their specialist cabling and wireless services Boston Networks also provide a comprehensive range of integrated security systems; including network video surveillance and access control.

“Our route to market tends to be construction, public sector, health, education and transportation; quite a wide variety of vertical sectors. We’re currently installing a cutting edge cabling and security system for the new South Glasgow Hospital, which will be the largest super hospital in Europe when it is finished.

“We also have a UK-wide maintenance division that looks after all our clients’ installed systems.”
With offices in Glasgow, Edinburgh, Manchester and Gateshead there are plans to open an office further south in the near future. “We’re hoping to grow our southern market along with the continued growth in the North East and North West, which are two areas we are currently targeting.”

So what makes Boston Networks stand out from the crowd?
“As a true turnkey company, we deliver intelligent building services. We can offer the full solution from design, installation, management and maintenance. Also, because we were formed and reared in a recession period we’ve always been pretty lean as a company. So, while the last couple of years have been challenging, we are a hardworking company and we’ve coped better than many of our competitors.

“We’re also very fortunate, in that we have a very low turnover of employees. Our staff is very loyal, and I’d like to think they’re happy at Boston – I’m certainly very proud of the work they’ve achieved. They’ve all been performing excellently and continue to contribute to the growth of the business.”

For further information contact Boston Networks, tel: 0141 892 2001 or visit the website:

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