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City wide ‘fibre ring’ network for Aberdeen City Councils’ ITS Unit

Aberdeen city councilUtilising Aberdeen City Council’s existing ducting infrastructure, Boston Networks has built the first phase of an independent, city wide, fibre ring to facilitate the council’s strategy on phasing out its leased line network.

The Boston Networks solution has added single mode links, at three locations in the city centre, significantly enhancing the council’s infrastructure by:

  • Enhancing the Urban Traffic Control System
  • Increasing bandwidth
  • Reducing costs vs. leased line predecessor

By maximising the councils existing fibre ducts and traffic signal duct infrastructure, the new fibre ring now provides direct connectivity between the traffic signals and key council buildings, greatly improving the flow of communication, reducing costs over time and providing greater flexibility for additional system in the future.

Moreover the solution, fully deployed and tested in less than 3 weeks, will deliver significant cost savings; by reducing the Council’s dependency on a traditional telecom’s offering and the associated leased line payment structure.

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