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Highly Secure Wireless LAN solution for Central Scotland Fire and Rescue

Seamlessly transmitting crucial data, from vehicle to depot, and improving emergency service CSFRS

Boston Networks has designed and deployed high performing Wireless Local Area Network (WLAN) solution for the Central Scotland Fire and Rescue (CSFRS) to deliver critical data, securely, between vehicles, depots and a central location.
The highly resilient and secure WLAN network quickly identifies when a vehicle enters any one of the 18 fire stations and seamlessly transmits the critical on board emergency data, straight to a central location. Such a seamless process greatly speeds up the flow of communication thus improving the response of the emergency service.

The truly scalable solution, which is capable of almost doubling in size, provides the best value for CSFRS by integrating multiple security components whilst requiring the minimum number of access points, per site, and granting remote access for flexible workers.

The bespoke design has simplified management and proven cost effective for CSFRs with key features including:

  • Any fire engine may authenticate against the system at any fire station location.¬†
  • Expansion of the system is simple
  • Added resiliency by identifying if any access points was to disconnect or appear offline
  • Centralised management

Read the full case study here.

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