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Why Public Space CCTV must consider Wireless Technology

The UK has more CCTV cameras per capita than any other European country and CCTV for Public Space Surveillance in the UK has developed at a faster rate than anywhere else in the world. What’s more,  although public opinion on CCTV is still divided, a large majority now feel safer where Public CCTV is in operation.

So no longer is the questions, Why do we need CCTV? It’s more, ‘What is my Local Authority doing to ensure Public Safety in this economic downturn, plagued with budget cuts?’

Surely this is where emerging technologies present a compelling case. With Wireless Public Space CCTV, long gone are the days of massive investment and depreciating assets. The latest technologies present a wealth of cost savings, superior footage, enhanced storage and review capabilities and truly scalable solutions.

The benefits of IP solutions over historic analogue systems will only be further enhanced and documented in 2013 and it is predicted that Wireless CCTV solutions will really come to the fore.

Read the entire article here, with in depth details and arguments as to why Wireless technology really must be considered to enhance Public Space CCTV.

Download the PDF version here

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