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Boston Networks enhance its Intelligent Building portfolio

To meet the increasing demands of its growing business division

Today see’s the launch of an enhanced Intelligent Building portfolio from Boston Networks, showcasing multi-faceted communications infrastructures and cutting edge security solutions.

Most buildings contain disparate, proprietary control systems. An Intelligent Building facilitates the convergence of systems to collect multiple streams of valid data, whilst greatly streamlining business processes to create a safer and more productive environment for its occupants and more operationally efficient for its owners.

Paul Goodbrand, Director of Intelligent Buildings, Boston Networks states:
“Almost every building has an existing communications infrastructure, many of which are currently underutilised. Boston Networks work with clients every day to enhance their existing infrastructures and deliver Intelligent Building solutions, to fully harness multiple technologies. 

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System interoperability lies at the heart of an Intelligent Building and the IP network, or fourth utility, is the pillar of any Intelligent Building infrastructure. Essentially, the IP network delivers the mechanism to control, manage and maintain multiple systems centrally, thus accelerating the opportunities for information sharing.

Our solutions ultimately deliver a more effective, efficient, safer and Intelligent Building for its occupants. Additionally, at the point of construction, our Intelligent Building solutions add tangible value for our construction partners also. With the efficient and early adoption of IP technologies our recent projects have effectively reduced the supply chain, waste and energy consumption during the construction phase and contributed positively to the buildings BREAM rating.”

Boston Networks Intelligent Buildings portfolio adopts a comprehensive and cohesive approach with both the IT and Facilities Management systems within a building to include:

• Access Control
• Asset Tracking
• Automated Number Plate Recognition
• Cabling Services
• Fire Systems
• Intruder Alarm
• Networking
• Network Video Surveillance
• Perimeter Detection
• Physical Security Information Management
• Remote Network Monitoring
• Wireless LAN

View our Intelligent Building portfolio here

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