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Campus security: a smarter approach

When it comes to physical security solutions some may still question whether Wireless is secure and reliable enough, however the answer to both of these concerns is, undoubtedly, yes.

Our latest article, published in the October issue of Land Mobile,  details the use of wireless technology within integrated security solutions, for education, and demonstrate how they can deliver a wealth of benefits.

Why wireless?
Most campus environments now consist of multiple buildings either co-located or spread across larger cities. The benefits of utilising wireless technology within your security estate, can add value whether it is from a single building or across multiple campuses.

With any analogue to IP security migration, or new deployment, the network infrastructure remains one of the most critical elements of the project. Most schools, colleges and universities already have a private network in place, with many establishments utilising hybrid infrastructures, incorporating wireless LAN, point-to-point and point-to-multi point wireless technology.

Moreover, the adoption of Intelligent Building technologies is transforming traditional communication networks to enable them to be utilised for much more than just data and voice, with the inclusion of access control, intruder alarm and CCTV. The integration of security systems, with the IT network, delivers a wealth of benefits and the utilisation of wireless technologies drive scalability and cost effectiveness whilst delivering increasing levels of resiliency and proving simpler to maintain.

You can read the full article here. 

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