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The benefits of an Intelligent or Smart Building are becoming more and more documented and are undeniable from a user, operator and environmental perspective.

To fully harness an Intelligent Building (IB) solution the implementation and operable synergy of systems is crucial and, to ensure this, arguably the finite planning and design stages can be the most challenging.

To ensure an interoperable solution is delivered, from the outset, the involvement and entire scope of requirements of both the IT and Facilities departments are instrumental to the successful deliverables of the building.

The integration of an IB solution is a multi-dimensional process, with which comes potential pitfalls. With effective planning and collaboration, with stakeholders, most pitfalls should be eradicated in the early phases allowing for a seamless project delivery.

You can read the full article, detailing ‘The challenges of implementing an Intelligent Building solution’ in this months Network Communication News or download the PDF version here.¬†

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