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Why the security industry’s focus is shifting toward fully integrated IP systems


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With IP CCTV forecasted to show continued growth, until at least 2017, it seems that the security industry’s focus will shift to fully integrated IP security systems, incorporating CCTV, Access Control, Intruder Detection and other Intelligent Building systems.

The increasing number of ‘global’ smart cities and the adoption of Intelligent Building technologies are indeed transforming traditional communication networks and enabling them to be utilised for much more than just data and voice, with the inclusion of security and building control systems. As technology evolves, Intelligent Building solutions have proven to ease the facilities burden and pave the way for IT and Estates to bridge the gap between departments.
Perhaps then it is no surprise then that Frost and Sullivan recently published a report detailing the increase in awareness and expected, considerable, growth of the biometrics market as well as recent news announcements emerging that key industry manufacturers are set to diversify their portfolios, to provide smarter surveillance and access control technologies.
This last year has seen key trends appear within the security industry which have paved the way for the development and further integration of the latest innovations and technologies, set to shape the future market place.

Security Trends
This year’s IFSEC international in Birmingham, one of the biggest security shows in the world, recently revealed that its key talking points and market trends included, unsurprisingly:

  • Falling cost of IP technology – IP security technology has seen dramatic reductions in price over the past few years due to the increasing levels of competition between manufacturers and the seemingly boundless progression of technologies.
  • The relationship between access and surveillance – Integration between previously proprietary systems is becoming more and more common and is now more often ‘expected to happen’ rather than asked ‘if feasible’.
  • Physical Security Information Management (PSIM) – The integration of multiple security applications, into a single management system, provides complete visibility of all systems. Benefits include significant cost savings, ease of installation and operation, enhanced usability and future proofing.
  • Business intelligence – The adoption of IP technologies, sophisticated Video Management Systems (VMS) and PSIM software has granted security and estates managers a wealth of business intelligence that can be used not only for security but also payroll, student attendance records, health and safety requirements and to provide valuable insight to support marketing and sales.
  • Video analytics – The capacity to evaluate video footage at a granular level, allows operators to determine specific information about the content of their video. Intelligent analytics can provide early alerts to incidents needing attention and can relieve security staff from having to watch monitors for hours on end. Common examples of video analytics applications include:

            Door entry to determine location, speed and direction of travel
            Identification of suspicious movement of people or packages
            Automatic Number Plate Recognition to monitor vehicular activity
            Facial recognition

  • Remote services – The capacity to enable and disable user’s access to specific areas of buildings or entire campuses remotely has granted organisations significantly higher levels of security. Remote services can allow controllers to simply isolate an intruder or restrict access to an entire building.
  • Mobile access – The unprecedented, global growth of mobile devices and applications has been fully utilised by the security market to offer users mobile access to analytics and critical footage, thus enabling preventative and reactive measures to be actionable in real time.

You can read the full article in this months  Network Communication News 


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