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Boston Network enables Wireless LAN connectivity within 63 schools across Renfrewshire

Renfrewshire Council

Boston Networks has worked collaboratively with Renfrewshire Council to design and install the Infrastructure to facilitate a council wide, Wireless LAN rollout and greatly enhance connectivity within 63 schools.

The new infrastructure facilitates the extension of Renfrewshire Council’s existing LAN across its entire schools estate, to create a greatly enhanced virtual working environment and enhance its workforce mobility.

The WLAN will be utilised by council provided devices to access resources and enable faculty and staff to achieve greater synergies and streamlined work processes. However, the scalability of the infrastructure will allow for additional features to be incorporated in the future, enabling services such as Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) and public access, should the council have the demand.

Boston Networks designed the robust communication infrastructure and Structured Cabling networks to connect over 550 Wireless access points throughout every school campus within the Renfrewshire estate. In addition to deploying the, Brand-Rex Cat 6, structured cabling Boston Networks also upgraded and installed in excess of 150 network cabinets to accommodate POE and enhance the Wireless LAN capabilities.

Working collaboratively with Renfrewshire Council and it partners, Boston Networks also delivered services including rack mounting kit, patching and switching and testing within its tight deployment schedule.A large percentage of the project was delivered within the, 6 week, school holiday window so that most of Renfrewshire’s primary and secondary schools had access to the WLAN at the beginning of the new term.

The entire project was completed within 2 months and has enabled the council to deliver an enhanced teaching and learning experience within every pre-school, primary school and secondary school to thousands of pupils and staff across Renfrewshire.

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