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91% of Video Surveillance Deployments Today Involve IT Departments


logo_axis_cpp_solgold_lowAxis Communications, unveil the results of the IT and Video Surveillance Market Study, illustrating the growing role and influence that IT departments have on their company’s surveillance initiatives.

The research found that among organizations currently using video surveillance technology, 91% indicate that IT manages or supports these deployments.

Of the final survey pool of IT professionals involved with video surveillance at mid- to enterprise-sized organizations, 47% claim their department is the group most responsible for setting surveillance strategy and making final infrastructure purchasing decisions.

IT’s Growing Influence on Surveillance: A recent phenomenon

The ESG study indicates that the rise of the IT professional in video surveillance is a relatively recent phenomenon. Just three years ago, 52% of video surveillance deployments were supported by IT, a number which has grown to 91% today.

While other departments within an organization are involved in setting video surveillance strategy as follows:

  • 47% of IT respondents claim they have the most influence on final infrastructure and hardware purchasing decisions
  • 23%senior management
  • 9% physical security/loss prevention
  • 9% compliance
  • 5% facilities
  • 5% legal

Surveillance Challenges and Imperatives for IT to Help Build a Smarter, Safer World

As with any technology shift, a natural learning curve exists as there is still a need for education about proper IP video design and implementation. Half of the top 10 challenges cited with current surveillance implementations are IT-related, according to the research. Top three are:

  • 30% – The search and retrieval of footage
  • 29% – The impact on network bandwidth
  • 25% – The difficulty of IT to manage growing volumes of video surveillance

You can read the full report here

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