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Boston Networks deploy high capacity communications infrastructure, delivering optimal performance at IBM’s new Data Centre

Boston Networks has completed the delivery of a high performing and resilient infrastructure to ensure IBM’s data centre in Denmark benefits from 24x7x365 mission critical operation.

Data CentreThe new data centre is considerably larger than its predecessor and required a complete refurbishment of the new premises and a bespoke communications infrastructure.

In addition to the resilient communication and data centre infrastructure, Boston Networks also delivered the dedicated power management and containment systems, throughout IBM’s new premises. The entire solution encompasses:

  • Cat 7a Structured Cabling Infrastructure
  • Racks & Enclosures to support Air Flow Management
  • Streamlined Containment System
  • High Speed Fibre Optic Infrastructure
  • Adaptable Cable Management Solution


The infrastructure has been designed to ensure IBM benefit from agility, availability and efficiency.
The high-density solution also delivers significantly improved parameters to maximise uptime and decrease operation costs.
Furthermore with maximum flexibility in the architecture, a versatile cable management system and a great level of scalability, IBM can choose from a range of options for future, high speed, data centre applications and trends such as virtualization and switch consolidation.

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