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How convergence can accelerate the potential of the corporate network.

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Convergence of multiple functions and technologies, across a single structured cabling network isn’t a new concept, it is in fact what structured cabling was designed for. Over the past decade, what you can now converge has grown profusely from the traditional requests of voice and data.

Undoubtedly, convergence creates greater agility, availability and efficiency and enables you to maximise your cabling infrastructure investment to support Power, Data, Building and Security systems, as a starter for 10. Moreover, as a single-source option, a converged Network will optimize and manage multiple technologies to simplify deployment and maintenance whilst truly optimising performance.

Paul Goodbrand of Boston Networks explains how convergence can accelerate the potential of the corporate network in the latest edition on Network Communication News. You can read the full article on page 24 of the digital edition here. 

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