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Energy efficiency & the Security Industry

Is there enough focus on energy efficiency in the Security Industry and is it worth he R&D spend of Manufacturers? Paul Goodbrand, Director of Intelligent Buildings, Boston Networks features in this months PSI Magazine to discuss security technology developments.

Quite often, security technology developments are in respect of image quality, speed, reducing false alarms, storage capacity etc, however power consumption is not often cited as the main reason for a product launch. Do you think there is much room for improvement with regards to energy usage in the security industry? Should cutting power consumption be a higher priority than 4K CCTV, for example?

The multiple benefits of IP security solutions are being driven by both advances in technology and integration capabilities and the latest surveillance technologies present a wealth of cost savings, superior quality footage with HD and 4K resolutions, enhanced storage and review capabilities.

However, the increased demand for converged networks and Intelligent Building solutions are clear indicators that reduced power consumption and Power over Ethernet (PoE) device capability are also worthy benefits.

Undoubtedly, network convergence creates greater agility and efficiency and enables the infrastructure to support Power, Data, Building and Security systems and facilitates reduced power consumption. Combining power and data transmission in a single cable POE has been, and will continue to be, a key facilitator in the adoption and emergence of integrated security systems.

In terms of convergence, PoE offers two benefits that are consistent across every application:

  • Cost Savings
  • Flexibility of device location

Furthermore the latest PoE+ devices are far more sophisticated in terms of negotiating power over the network and using IP network driven devices and PoE enables more efficient monitoring and management of power through intelligent power distribution devices within the comms cabinets. PoE+ devices request power in fewer and more frequent increments and also have the intelligence to renegotiate power needs at any time, depending on what state the device is in (active, inactive, live, sleep). Such changeability allows PoE+ devices to implement power-saving modes, free up network resources and enhance green credentials.

The POE/POE+ capabilities and associated technological and green credentials, of security devices, enable  the technology to become of value to both the IT Department , who is responsible for the Network Infrastructure as well the Estates and Security Department , who is responsible for the sourcing, deployment and maintenance of such devices and solutions.

You can read the full August issue here. 




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