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Huge crowds turn out to watch practice at Gleneagles.

Our Public Safety IP Security System is being fully utilised today as huge crowds turn out to watch both Teams practice on course at Gleneagles.


Tournament Time Surveillance

The sheer volume of visitors that Gleneagles will welcome during Tournament Time demands a dynamic security solution to ensure public safety is never compromised

To fully support the Ryder Cup event security and safety strategy, Boston Networks has designed and delivered an IP Security system to run across the on course network and provide megapixel views of all areas of the course, as well as the key public transport routes leading to Gleneagles.

Tournament Time Support

Our event CCTV Security team will guarantee the seamless operation of the IP security system and be onsite to support Ryder Cup, Police Scotland and other key technology providers to deliver unwavering support for the safety and security of the visiting public, players and dignitaries.


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