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The Evolution of Convergence

evolutionWhat’s driving adoption of converged infrastructure solutions?

With a combination of superior technology, integration and service delivery, network convergence is meeting the unrelenting organisational demands to become smarter and more efficient, whilst minimising management and maintenance resource. These reasons alone make it clear to see why the demand for converged networks is steadily growing.

However, convergence of multiple functions and technologies, across a single structured cabling network isn’t a new concept; it is in fact what structured cabling was designed for. However, over the past decade, what you can now converge has grown profusely from the traditional requests of voice and data.

Paul Goodbrand, Operations Director at Boston Networks, details the Evolution of Convergence and the multiple benefits of fully converged Infrastructures in the latest edition of ICT Today, the official publication for BICSI.

You can download the full article here or follow our series of blogs on this topic over the next few weeks.

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