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Survey shows retailers’ continued appetite for competitive advantage through digital surveillance

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A survey commissioned by Axis Communications, has revealed more than a quarter (27%) of UK retailers cite ‘integration with business intelligence applications’ as the main reason for adopting network IP.

Superior image quality also soared by 40% – a bigger rise than for than any other factor – as a reason for adopting network IP cameras.

Other major drivers for the adoption of IP technology included:

• Better remote access (18%)
• Scalability (16%)
• Reduced total cost of ownership (12%)

Of the 278 UK retailers polled – encompassing some 20,350 stores – 93% currently use CCTV, 60% of which are planning to convert to network IP technology.

“The migration from analogue CCTV to network IP continues to be of huge importance to the retail industry and will be the biggest single factor impacting on retail security as digital surveillance and network video become the standard,” says Andy Martin, retail business development manager at Axis Communications

“The UK high street is still the origin of the bulk of retail transactions, but unfortunately stores also carry the highest overheads, so the need to ‘sweat the assets’ is vital with surveillance systems being no exception. This is where network IP really has the advantage as it can be used to improve both service and sales, not just security, to deliver a real return on investment”.

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