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Let Boston Networks Maximise the Safety Levels of your Business

Gent 24 componentsDo you know the condition of your Fire Detection Systems?

For a limited period, Boston Networks will help you find out by offering a FREE ANALYSIS SERVICE to quickly identify the age and condition of your Fire Detection System components.

VigInSite software, by Gent 24, is plugged directly into your Vigilon Control panel to identify the age of each device, allowing you to actively schedule and budget for maintenance activities.

VigInSite was developed in response to the Fire Industry Association’s (FIA) 2014 Guidance report on the Life Expectancy of Fire Detection and Alarm Systems, which warned that poorly maintained life safety systems, that produce regular unwanted alarms, can cause a sense of complacency amongst those who they are designed to protect.

Once the process is completed, an inventory is formulated using a traffic light system to provide an instant visual guide as to what action should be taken. You will also receive a report outlining the condition of your current system along with a suggested programme of improvements and implementation.

GREEN denotes products that are well within their operational lifetimes
AMBER indicates that replacement is imminent
RED signifies that remedial action should be taken within reasonable timescales

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