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Is Your Stadium Compliant?

Is Your Stadium Compliant?With sports stadiums now multi-purpose venues hosting high volume events week in, week out, a fully compliant and high-quality Public Address and Voice Alarm system is essential to provide clear communications, and to safeguard fans and visitors, both in and around the pitch area or stadium bowl.

Modern stadiums combine PA/VA and the main entertainment systems to achieve greater life safety performance and economy of scale. To meet statutory evacuation procedures these systems must meet SPL (Sound Pressure Level volume) and STI (Speech Transmission Index – intelligibility) standards.

Boston Networks and PEL Services are experts in applying technologies that protect people, assets and stadiums, meeting the “Green Guide” stadium standards through the delivery of intelligible PA-VA systems, integrated with security, matchday entertainment and Equality Act systems.

Having delivered integrated solutions for multiple Premier League and Scottish Premiership clubs, our experienced team can conduct a free compliance check to ensure your systems adhere to the necessary stadium standards.

Take our quick test below, to find out if your stadium is compliant…..

1. In the event of a failure, is the critical path monitored & an alarm raised in the Control Room & Fire Alarm Panel?
2. Does your system comply with the dual redundancy requirements of the BS Standard?
3. In the event of a Mains Supply failure, will your system still operate on Battery Standby in accordance with the BS Standard?
4. Does it meet the SPL required to evacuate the Stadium, at each stage of an event?
5. Is it intelligible, would visitors hear and understand the Evacuation Message?
6. Does your system meet the STI criteria for PA/VA Evacuation Systems?

If you cannot answer any of these questions, contact us now

Celtic ParkFind out how PEL Services helped Celtic Football Club to modernise their stadium PA / VA system with no disruption to their day to day activities

As well as stadium solutions, we have a breadth of experience in delivering key event technologies, for clients including The Open Golf, The Ryder Cup and the Glasgow 2014 Commonwealth Games.

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