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Boston Networks to deliver WiFi for Aberdeen, Glasgow and Southampton Airports

Glasgow Airport DeparturesPassengers at Aberdeen, Glasgow and Southampton Airports will soon be able to access a superior WiFi service, following the contract award to Boston Networks to deliver and support a high performing WLAN solution for AGS Airports Ltd.

Boston Networks secured a contract to upgrade the WiFi infrastructure at Aberdeen, Glasgow and Southampton Airports to the latest industry leading enterprise grade technology, as part of their ongoing investment programme.

As the use of smartphones, tablets and laptops continues to increase, AGS will enhance the passenger experience at their three UK Airports, by enabling travellers to securely and quickly connect to free and reliable, high speed internet.

Forefront of Technology

With the current network nearing end of life, an expected increased growth in passenger numbers, and a commitment to offer travellers an exceptional user experience. AGS Airports will remain at the forefront of traveller technology by upgrading their WLAN networks to the very latest future proofed Aruba OS8 technology.

Aruba OS8 delivers an always-on network with built in features such as seamless roaming, load balancing and hitless failover, making it the ideal solution to deliver the performance, user experience and security required to support an airport environment.

Boston Networks will work with AGS Airports to design and upgrade their current wireless infrastructure to a leading edge, centrally managed solution capable of supporting all corporate, third party and guest services, and the next generation of WiFi technologies and smart devices.

The first phase will commence with rigorous site surveys to ensure optimum coverage in both location and density throughout the terminal buildings and to standalone buildings throughout the airport complexes.

Once live, the upgraded infrastructure will provide high-speed connectivity to over 1,000 AGS staff, 12,000 staff from other organisations working across the three airports, and a combined 15 million passengers each year.

Malcolm Surgenor, Group Head of IT, AGS Airports Limited, commented:
“As seamless availability of WiFi becomes increasingly ubiquitous, we at AGS Airports recognise that a fast, secure and easy to use infrastructure is fundamental for our passengers and customers. That is why we are investing significantly in enhancing the delivery of WiFi services and we believe we have the perfect partner in Boston Networks to achieve this.”

Falk Bleyl, Chief Technology Officer, Boston Networks, commented:
“We are delighted to have been selected by AGS Airports Limited to install and support the latest WiFi technology at its airports. Fast, reliable WiFi services are no longer an optional extra, but a vital service for many organisations, resulting in more effective and efficient staff as well as greater customer satisfaction. We look forward to supporting AGS Airports Limited in its continued drive for excellence by providing outstanding WiFi coverage for on-site staff and passengers alike.”

The roll out is scheduled for completion by December 2018 and will be supported by Boston Networks’ Network Operations Centre (NOC) to ensure the seamless delivery of WiFi connectivity across the airports.

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