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CCTV Video Surveillance


Reduce Cost and Make Connectivity Simpler

By running your CCTV over an IP based network, you’ll be reducing cost, making connectivity simpler and making it easier for multiple camera systems to work together seamlessly. The advantages don’t stop there. There’s larger capacity storage, simple retrieval, export and onwards transmission, plus the ability to get up and running rapidly if you choose one of our wireless CCTV solutions.

IPCCTV provides rich, detailed footage with intelligent analytics, all on a common platform that can be transmitted quickly and cost-effectively to multiple users whilst integrating with other services such as Access Control, Intruder Detection and Fire Detection Systems.

CCTV solutions from Boston Networks can protect your entire estate and incorporate migration planning, integrated systems, automated number plate recognition (ANPR), facial recognition and intelligent analytics.

Here are just a few reasons why an IP CCTV solution outperforms analogue technology:

  • Significantly higher resolution and excellent image clarity
  • Enhanced performance and increased backlighting
  • Rapid deployment to deliver scalable and flexible solutions
  • Reduce your camera count as fewer HD cameras are required to cover the same area with analogue
  • Intelligent analytics, including number plate and face recognition
  • Simple to centrally and remotely manage and maintain 
  • Can be integrated with additional security systems, including access control, intruder alarm and intelligent building - management systems



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