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Clacksfirst Business Improvement District (BID)

IP video surveillance technology helps cut crime by 50%

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Clacksfirst Business Improvement District (BID) was the first commercial BID in Scotland to go to ballot in March 2008. Their primary aim is to improve the safety, security, cleanliness and working environment of the business parks and industrial estates in the BID, to bring about positive and lasting change through the enhancement, economic vitality and quality of life within the BID area.


Business Challenge

Over the past few years, Clackfirst has increased both business occupation and visitor footfall across all of its business parks. To effectively monitor and protect the entire BID, Clacksfirst required an IP video surveillance solution that was both high performing yet simple to manage and maintain to underpin its wider security strategy.



Boston Networks has designed an IP video surveillance system for the Clacksfirst Business Improvement District (BID) to monitor and record all the vehicular and pedestrian activity across its 10 business parks, with the aim of reducing crime, deterring anti-social behaviour and creating a safer and more productive business operating environment.

The IP video surveillance solution provides both overview and specific footage and allows Clacksfirst to search specific time and date slots and analyse activity at a very granular level throughout all its business parks to deliver:

  • Detailed traffic footage
  • HD quality images of vehicles and pedestrians
  • ANPR technology to identify number plates
  • Video analytics to highlight and detect traffic
  • Infra-red technology for optimum performance

The installation was the first video surveillance security measure implemented by the BID management firm in an effort to increase safety and deter criminal behaviour.  A key priority was to reduce incidents of theft to create a safer operating environment for the 200+ companies across the business parks.



Working with key security technology partners, Boston Networks designed a bespoke solution encompassing Axis Communications IP Network Cameras.  The fixed day and night cameras offer superb HD image quality and deliver excellent video detail and depth of field.

To further strengthen the Axis camera capabilities, Raytec Vario infra-red illumination lamps were installed at every camera point to deliver leading edge illumination, to pinpoint and highlight entry and exit points and to guarantee optimum performance and image quality in all weather and light conditions.

Surveilling a wide geographical area across the Clackmannanshire region, remote monitoring and simplified, immediate footage retrieval were paramount to the effectiveness of the solution. 

Boston Networks deployed a Milestone XProtect® Video Management Software (VMS) platform to provide flexible access to live and recorded video, immediately identify problem areas, allow effortless expansion and quickly recognise abnormal video sequences.



Following the installation, Clacksfirst BID has seen a 50% reduction in crime across all business parks. In addition, the new system delivered a return on investment (ROI) in under 12-months and importantly the park business owners and their employees feel more secure, while metal and machinery theft has been virtually eliminated.


System Features include:

One-layer interactive map: Users can easily identify and navigate through different cameras and camera views

System alarms: Ensure system components are running properly with system alarms which alert when issues, such as malfunctioning cameras, are detected

Remote response: Users can quickly address issues at all times with the ability to access video and respond to incidents from various locations, securely, via mobile device

Built-in motion detection: Cameras can record video when specific motions are detected, such as people entering an area at night

Video archive: Hourly to daily archive available for playback ensures video evidence is stored and easily accessed

Smart Search: Efficiently locate video footage by searching for motion in one or more areas of video from a specific camera

Export options: Easily export and share video or image evidence


Continuous Service & Support

As Clacksfirst’s strategy and crime prevention evolves, Boston Networks continue to work closely with the BID to develop and maintain the robust and scalable IP video surveillance solution.

With a Maintenance and Support contract in place, Boston Networks ensure the rapid restoration of service in the unlikely event of a fault as well as conducting regular ‘health checks’ and on-site visits to guarantee continued optimum performance.


Client Testimony

Commenting on the project, Brian Gibson, Chief Inspector of Police Scotland, said:  “The new Clacksfirst BID system is of a high enough quality to deliver reliable and watertight video evidence in the case of security incidents. It ensures that criminals think twice about committing criminality and, when a crime has occurred, the business park can simply provide easy access to the police.”

Commenting on the enhanced security solution, Kevin Deighan, Project and Community Safety Manager at Clackfirst BID, concluded: "ROI was achieved in such a short timeframe primarily because the new surveillance system proved to be a highly effective deterrent to potential criminals. Through implementation of this IP surveillance system we have moved so much closer to delivering on our five-year business plan for businesses in the parks and industrial estates which backed us. It also helps us send a clear and positive message to businesses outside Clackmannanshire which might be persuaded to relocate into the county as a result of our improved security record here.”

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