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East Ayrshire Council

Rapid wireless connectivity for urban CCTV systems, reducing deployment and operational costs from day one

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East Ayrshire Council, with 32 elected members and approximately 6,000 employees serving more than 120,000 constituents, has earned a reputation for providing services effectively and at a consistently high standard. Every department aims to deliver a quality service and all activities are carried out with the council's core values of quality, equality, access and partnership in mind.

Business Challenge
East Ayrshire Council is committed to increasing the safety of its residents and visitors, particularly in its public areas. Therefore the need for a scalable and wireless network to connect its existing analogue CCTV cameras was identified as part of the council’s evolving strategy on security. The desired wireless wide area network (WAN) would also be required to grow with the needs of the council and allow ample scope for the inevitable addition of more IP CCTV cameras.

Insightful Solution
Boston Networks Ltd performed a detailed planning process on behalf of the council, after which a point to point wireless network was designed and deployed throughout East Ayrshire.

Boston Networks Ltd were able to flawlessly connect the councils 5 existing public space CCTV cameras using Motorola wireless technology which is designed to perform in virtually any environment, including:

  • Non-line-of-sight
  • Long range line-of-sight
  • High interference

Providing high-speed backhaul was pivotal to the performance and management of the CCTV solution required by East Ayrshire Council. The solution deployed by Boston Network Ltd incorporates a mixture of traditional encoded analogue and new IP cameras and delivers the footage back to the council’s front end operating system with seamless results.

East Ayrshire now benefit from significant cost savings in comparison to more costly leased line services thanks to the rapid deployment of the solution. Moreover, the council now have the capacity to monitor and manage the cameras in a more cost and time effective fashion and can scale the network in accordance with its evolving strategy.


Increased Public Safety


High Performing Hybrid Solution

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