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Fire Systems

Fire Safety Systems

Preventing and Detecting Fire at the very earliest stage

Fire systems play a crucial role in the long-term value of a building, whilst protecting its occupants and assets. 

Boston Networks design, install, maintain and monitor a full range of fire safety systems to ensure that fire is prevented or detected at the very earliest stage, to optimise the safety of your staff and assets.Boston Networks deliver bespoke open protocol fire systems that are efficient, sustainable and cost-effective. 

All our systems designed and installed to meet the current legislation and standards, and moreover, can be integrated with new and existing building systems to deliver a robust and reliable solution.

Utilising emerging and advanced technology our fire solutions encompass:

  • Automatic Fire Detection
  • Intelligent Addressable Systems
  • Smoke & Heat Detection
  • 24/7 Fire Alarm Monitoring

As an alternative to having separate data, building, physical access, security, fire and energy systems, with isolated control and monitoring environments Boston Networks design Integrated Security and Intelligent Buildings to:

  • Identify the fire, security, IT, data and building management needs of your business
  • Discover solutions and innovations to integrate your fire, security, data and building management solutions to increase effectiveness and sustainability and reduce operational cost





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