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FMC Technologies

FMC Technologies Streamlines Business Processes with Wi-Fi RTLS and Asset Tracking Solution

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FMC Technologies is a leading global provider of technology solutions for the energy industry. Named by FORTUNE® Magazine as the World's Most Admired Oil and Gas Equipment, Service Company in 2010, the Company has approximately 13,500 employees and operates 27 production facilities in 16 countries.

FMC Technologies designs, manufactures and services technologically sophisticated systems and products such as subsea production and processing systems, surface wellhead systems, high pressure fluid control equipment, measurement solutions, and marine loading systems for the oil and gas industry.

Business Challenge
FMC Technologies was looking to track their valuable assets throughout their multi site, production plants in Scotland, with the desired outcome of legal compliance and increasing business efficiencies.  

The FMC Technologies production and testing environment is highly volatile and their assets are regularly on the move. Real-time visibility of these assets throughout the manufacturing process is crucial for:

  • Compliance with statutory licenses
  • Improving and optimising operations
  • Increasing production throughput
  • Improving plant health and safety

The assets being tracked, by the sophisticated RFID solution, are high value assets used in the manufacture of subsea oil and gas extraction systems, commonly known in the industry as Xmas Trees.   Due to the environment in which the devices are used and rigorously tested, the asset tracking tags were required to be secure, waterproof and ATEX certified. 

Insightful Solution
Boston Networks executed an extensive consultation process, with a dedicated FMC Technologies project team, to explore the various options on offer. A bespoke RFID solution, similar to those already proven in the Manufacturing and Healthcare sectors, was taken forward as the most fit-for-purpose solution.

Following a thorough planning process, Boston designed a fully scalable and robust RFID solution, utilising technology to track multiple assets throughout FMC Technologies production plants.

With a requirement to ensure visibility within different bays, located within the main areas of the production plants, the solution compromises three key elements:

  • Choke point exciters
  • RFID Access points
  • Asset visibility software

The meticulous design and implementation of the solution guarantees FMC Technologies complete coverage of the desired areas and effectively monitors critical asset flow throughout the plants.

The solution has provided FMC Technologies with complete visibility of the high value assets, throughout the production and testing process, thus allowing FMC Technologies to quickly search for an asset and view its real time location.

Moreover, Boston Networks expanded the capacity of the initial solution to enable FMC Technologies to track periphery equipment in addition to its larger assets. Delivering visibility at such a granular level, and more so than any other system, was an added benefit for FMC Technologies, resulting in an even greater return on investment in terms of production efficiency. 

By combining various sources of location, status and conditioning data over the bespoke Wi-Fi networks, into a single platform, the Boston Networks solution enables FMC Technologies to maintain asset visibility in a busy and challenging environment.

Location and status information is automatically populated and integrated with critical enterprise applications and key business processes, such as asset shortage reporting and operational updates.

The RFID solution also:

  • Prevents the loss or damage of equipment
  • Significantly improves plant health and safety
  • Dramatically increases labour productivity

Client Testimony (TBC)
“Just had a run through of MobileView and I love it. It’s exceeding my expectations . Brilliant work, particularly with the challenges FMC Technologies threw in front of them.” John Johnston, Health, Safety and Radiation Advisor, FMC Technologies


Bespoke RFID Solution

Real Time

Real Time Location Status

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