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Gentoo Sunderland Housing Group

Managed 'city wide' wireless network backhauls CCTV footage to 24/7 monitoring station, improving security whilst reducing costs

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Gentoo Sunderland is the Housing Association of the Gentoo Group; responsible for delivering core housing management services and maintenance to approximately 70,000 customers in 30,000 homes.

Customer service and business improvement is high on Gentoo’s agenda, with over 4,000 customers actively involved. Employing over 650 staff across the City, Gentoo Sunderland provides a wide range of services for customers, from tackling anti-social behaviour to carrying out repairs and maintenance.

Business Challenge
Gentoo required an intelligent network to provide IP connectivity to a number of buildings within the Sunderland area. Gentoo needed the network to converge traditional data, CCTV imagery and emergency ‘panic button’ traffic, whilst ensuring that connectivity between the multiple Gentoo sites and its central monitoring station was both secure and reliable.

It became clear from the very outset of the planning phase that given the importance of the networks requirements, an always-on, reliable network was paramount not only to the project’s success but to successful future business performance of Gentoo.

Insightful Solution
Following the extensive planning process which included detailed radio planning, in-depth path profiling and on-site live link staging, Boston Networks designed and installed a bespoke wireless network. 

Utilising a series of high rise flats and strategic base stations, Boston Networks installed a telecoms grade network delivering high speed connectivity throughout the city.

The intelligent network takes advantage of both high capacity point to point technology to provide backhaul connectivity between key locations and base stations and de-regulated point to multi point technology for the smaller access layer locations.

The cost of connecting the multiple Gentoo sites together using traditional leased line technology was hugely expensive and would have delivered a network which was simply leased and never owned. 

Thanks to Boston Networks high speed wireless solution, Gentoo now fully own a truly scalable network and are able to deploy new links or redeploy existing links quickly and simply, granting them increased levels of flexibility.

The city wide network now ensures that all critical CCTV imagery and emergency data is directed to a central concierge, allowing Gentoo to benefit from simplified monitoring and maintenance. Moreover, due to the flexibility of the solution, Gentoo has seen a rapid return on investment (ROI) -  in some areas an impressive ROI has been achieved in less than 6 months.

The carrier-class network is  fully supported by a personalised Boston Networks maintenance and support contract. Gentoo has a comprehensive ‘On Site Support Service’ ensuring maximum service availability for its critical network elements – 24/7.  Delivering compete peace of mind and unrivalled business continuity, Boston Networks guaranteed attendance on site within 4 business hours, in the event of any fault.

Client Testimony
Gentoo Group is very pleased with the quality of service received from Boston Networks. Boston have continually supported Gentoo since  2004, and the length of contract is testament to the quality of service that Boston has supplied.

From initial planning and design right through to the bespoke maintenance service Gentoo receive, Boston Networks has added significant value to our solution - every step of the way.

Paul Sandersfield, ICT Service Manager, Gentoo Group


City Wide Wireless Network


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