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Warehouse wireless LAN provides always on, secure coverage for improved stock control and productivity

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With a heritage stretching back nearly 200 years, HarperCollins is one of the world’s chief English-language publishers. Offering the best quality content right across the spectrum, HarperCollins present cutting-edge contemporary fiction to digital hymnbooks and pretty much everything in between.

HarperCollins is at the forefront of creative innovation in respect to what it publishes and how it is published.  As one of the first trade publishers to digitise its content, HarperCollins have created a global digital warehouse to protect the rights of its authors, meet consumer demand and generate additional business opportunities.

Business Challenge
Due to the size of the HarperCollins warehouse and its sheer volume of stock, the existing network infrastructure was proving insufficient. The coverage across the warehouse was inadequate and this alone was creating a host of communication problems for staff therefore, costing the company hours of man time and increasing resource budgets.

HarperCollins was looking to install a Wireless LAN network to gain complete coverage throughout its warehouse. The aim of the wireless network was to streamline business processes enabling HarperCollins to maximise the effectiveness of the existing warehouse operation.

Insightful Solution
Boston Networks Ltd undertook a comprehensive survey of the HarperCollins warehouse and performed detailed radio planning, on-site system staging and rigorous testing. Encompassing long rows and high shelving, the warehouse survey identified problematic areas with the existing coverage, in particular high areas which were only accessible by staff on foot with step ladders.

Installing over 50 Cisco® wireless access points Boston Networks Ltd designed a bespoke Wireless LAN solution which provides complete and secure coverage throughout the entire HarperCollins warehouse.

Offering a low total cost of ownership (TCO) whilst providing enhanced capabilities, the wireless network deployed by Boston Networks Ltd is a high-performing and reliable platform and has enabled HarperCollins to increase productivity via the provision of complete warehouse coverage.

HarperCollins have significantly streamlined their entire warehouse operation. Warehouse staff are now able to update stock levels with hand held scanners which seamlessly connect to the wireless LAN network. Such a simplistic approach has reduced the need for staff to undertake timely manual processes and has provided HarperCollins with a dynamic solution providing real-time accurate stock levels.

Client Testimony
Mike Levaggi, Supply Chains Operations Director, says: “We’re delighted with the wireless network.  It is fast, reliable and has made a great improvement to productivity in the warehouse.”


Complete Coverage Throughout Warehouse


Digital Warehouse Solution

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