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Hotel Missoni

Intelligent unified communications network delivers data, voice, video and IPTV to iconic Missoni Hotel brand

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Hotel Missoni is the newest member of The Rezidor Hotel Group, one of the world’s fastest growing hotel chains. Rezidor has recently signed a worldwide license agreement with the iconic global fashion brand Missoni to offer a distinctively different breed of hotel situated in prime locations across the globe.

Opening its doors on the famous Royal Mile within the historic city of Edinburgh, Hotel Missoni is the first of its kind with every detail designed by Rosita Missoni.

Business Challenge
With unique and exquisite design the hotel demanded a unified communications solution to operate seamlessly and to match the prestigious 5 star rating. Constant availability, with no margin for downtime or interruption, was specified as a key deliverable from the very outset.

Insightful Solution

Boston Networks planned, designed and installed a robust and intelligent infrastructure to meet the hotels high standards and unique requirements.

The copper and fibre optic cabling system and the switched wired & wireless IP network converged:

  • Voice
  • Data
  • Video
  • Mobile, Wireless Applications

Furthermore, the intelligent solution built in the capacity to support the hotels IP video surveillance and provide IPTV within all the luxurious rooms, suites and public areas.

Through the adoption of the highly sophisticated solution, Hotel Missoni can offer high speed, wireless connectivity for clients and guests alike throughout the hotel. In addition, the management team have complete confidence that the network, which acts as a backbone for all the hotels critical systems, will operate flawlessly 24/7.

Hotel Missoni saved thousands of pounds through the adoption of an intelligent infrastructure from Boston Networks Ltd, delivering a massive return on investment to the hotel in its first few years. Furthermore, Hotel Missoni has a state of the art, wireless system that delivers always on connectivity to its somewhat prestigious guest list.


Converged Network Solution


IPCCTV and IPTV Throughout the Hotel

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