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Lord Lawson of Beamish Schools for the Future

Cutting-Edge network video surveillance and digital signage solution

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The ‘Gateshead Extended School’s Project’ was introduced to provide new and refurbished primary and secondary schools which are designed to provide a range of services and activities to help meet the needs of not only pupils but their families and the wider community.

Lord Lawson of Beamish Community School in Gateshead first opened to pupils in the early 1970's and was rebuilt as part of the ‘Gateshead Extended School’s Project’ in September 2007. With over 1,500 students, Lord Lawson boasts a specialist Arts College and was recently listed as one of the top 10 comprehensive schools in the UK for overall achievement.

Business Challenge
To meet the ever evolving student and community needs it became evident that Lord Lawson required a cutting-edge IP CCTV solution to provide both staff and pupils with a safe learning environment all day, every day.

Boston Networks worked hand in hand with Lord Lawson from the projects conception and through this collaborative approach the planning and design phase quickly identified that the key deliverables of the projects were to:

  • deliver enhanced security throughout the school
  • help monitor and control internal behavioural problems, specifically in problem areas where groups congregate

The IP CCTV solution deployed by Boston Networks Ltd included a total of 53 fixed dome cameras which now pro-actively provide coverage for over 80% of the school.

To compliment the IP CCTV, Boston Networks Ltd also installed sophisticated IP Digital Signage throughout the school to further facilitate its strategy on combating internal behaviour problems.

To ensure the intelligent solution continues to develop and deliver the required levels of security demanded, Boston Networks designed and now deliver a bespoke maintenance and support service to Lord Lawson from their North East of England office in Gateshead.

The future proofed, advanced security system was delivered on time and within budget and it has been hailed a great success by both the school’s management and teachers. The exceptional picture quality in particular has brought real benefits.

In addition, the Digital Signage provides real time information updates to both staff and pupils and has reduced the need for students to congregate in historically problematic areas such as busy lobbies and corridors.

Client Testimony
“The state of the art IP CCTV solution designed and deployed by Boston Networks greatly exceeded the expectations of the Management Team at Lord Lawson. Not only does Lord Lawson have a solution that contributes to the current security needs of the school, the School also recognise the benefits of the scalable solutions capability for expansion in line with our evolving objectives.”

Suzi Fowler, ICT Project Manager


UK’s Top 10 Comprehensive School


80% Campus Coverage with IP CCTV Solution

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