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MOD Faslane

Highly Secure network cabling infrastructure for MOD Faslane

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MOD Faslane Naval Base is a primary component of HM Naval Base Clyde and is the largest military establishment north of the border.  As the headquarters of the Royal Navy in Scotland, the base is the home to the UK’s fleet of Vanguard-class nuclear powered and nuclear armed submarines as well as conventionally armed nuclear powered submarines; all supported by the Fleet Protection Group Royal Marines.

Business Challenge
Faslane was looking to deploy an intelligent cabling infrastructure to serve hundreds of users and connect several of its critical communication rooms across the huge naval base. A bespoke solution was required to unite both voice and data and due to the high security of the information both stored on and communicated via the networks on the naval base it was crucial that the solution focussed greatly on security. Depending on the specific users security rights and privileges the backbone of the new infrastructure was required to be split in to two separate networks to ensure that a number of security breaches were not committed.

Insightful Solution
Boston Networks Ltd, industry experts in the design, deployment and maintenance of structured cabling and wireless systems worked collaboratively with MOD Faslane for the duration of the project to design and install a highly secure and intelligent solution within the naval base.

This project was not a straightforward cabling deployment. Primarily, Boston Networks qualified engineers installed a robust copper structured cabling infrastructure which formed the basis of MOD Faslane’s connectivity to the desk. The backbone of the network was by means of a Laser Optimized Fibre, offering connectivity to the expansive network infrastructure throughout the base. Both the in-building and external cabling solution formed part of the MOD’s highly secure network and is accessed dependant on the individual user’s security privileges.

The naval base has benefited greatly from the new cabling system. Naturally, MOD Faslane has access to highly confidential data in relation to the nation’s security which has to be protected accordingly. However, due to the intelligent solution deployed by Boston Networks Ltd, MOD Faslane no longer has to worry about or deal with security privileges for the many users on its networks. This alone has saved MOD Faslane hours of man power which was historically spent responding to network access problems and queries.



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