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NHS Borders

High speed conectivity for remote sites across NHS Borders

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NHS Borders is responsible for providing health care services to protect and improve the health of residents of the Scottish Borders and plan services for the local population.

NHS Borders is committed to forging effective links with all of its partners in care, throughout its work. The needs of patients, staff, local communities and disadvantaged groups are placed at the heart of the design and delivery of local services to ensure effective execution of its services.

Business Challenge
To enhance collaboration across NHS Borders and deliver increasing levels of patient and community care, the IT Team realised they required high bandwidth connectivity between a number of remote hospitals, health centers and surgeries throughout the Borders area.

Given the rural location of some of these sites traditional means of connectivity were either unavailable, unable to offer the required bandwidth or prohibitive due to cost.

Insightful Solution
Boston Networks carried out a series of desktop radio planning and detailed link profiling which identified numerous sites where wide area connectivity looked to be achievable using a combination of wireless technologies.

This desktop planning exercise was followed up by a series of onsite throughput tests which were able to establish whether the connections were possible and what bandwidth was achievable between each site. The onsite surveys also identified any other radio frequency (RF) within the desired areas which was critical in allowing Boston Networks to ensure that the proposed design would not interfere with any equipment in the area.

Boston Networks then installed a series of high bandwidth, high performance point to point radio links. Offering bandwidths which vary from 10Mb/s up to 300Mb/s, the deployed solution grants NHS Borders seamless connectivity between their remote sites.

NHS Borders has recognised that the bespoke network has increased and simplified critical workflow between its remote sites and provided the vehicle for improved collaboration and knowledge sharing.

Moreover, the cost effectiveness of the solution which was fully designed and deployed by Boston Networks has allowed NHS Borders to offer connectivity which was previously financially unviable.

Furthermore, Boston Networks provide NHS Borders with a complete remote network management service and preventative support agreement which combined ensures NHS Borders business and service continuity are never compromised or interrupted.


Connecting Rural Locations


Speeds up to 300MB/s

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