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Public Address Voice Alarm

Public Address & Voice Alarm Systems

Boston Networks design, supply, install and maintain professional Public Address (PA) sound systems, emergency voice alarm systems with intelligible Voice Evacuation and communication systems for a wide range of clients, including retail outlets and shopping centres, stadiums, theatres and exhibition halls.

From robust high-intelligibility commercial PA and Voice Alarm (PA/VA) solutions to sophisticated professional entertainment sound systems, we work with a diverse range of stakeholders to create PA sound solutions that add value and perfectly suit your organisational and commercial needs.

Our range of solutions include

  • Sound systems
  • Combined public address and emergency sound systems
  • Voice alarm systems
  • Voice Alarm and Evacuation System Integration
  • PA Amplifiers
  • Professional PA Sound systems
  • Public Address Ceiling Loudspeakers
  • Tannoys, Call Stations, Speakers and Microphones
  • Call and Zoned Paging systems
  • Network PA Controllers
  • Sound Projectors
  • Pre-scheduled Public Address announcements and/or tones
  • Message Managers
  • Feedback Suppressors
  • Venue and Retail Music systems 


Emergency Voice Alarm & Evacuation Systems

Effective Voice Alarm and safe evacuation requires specialist skills in sound design and installation, to ensure output is clearly intelligible at the necessary volume and satisfies an organisation's on-site emergency plan.

We have extensive expertise and experience providing voice alarm and evacuation systems to keep employees and visitors safe and secure for many clients in all types of buildings and complexes, including Celtic FC and the largest system of its type in Europe at Westfield Stratford City.

We have provided bespoke solutions to leading organisations including: BBC, Deutsche Bank, Royal Mail, Marks & Spencer, BMA, Hugo Boss, Westfield, HBoS, Debenhams, City Academies and Local Authorities, Celtic Football Club, Westfield Stratford City.

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