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Redeployable CCTV

Rapid Deployment CCTV

StreetVision - The first 3G IP camera unit of its kind

StreetVision is a highly scalable and rapidly redeployable IP based CCTV solution. Providing multi-megapixel recording, StreetVision uses intelligent onboard storage whilst offering real-time access to recorded footage, via a high-performance 3G backhaul.

  • Outstanding resolution – HDTV-quality video and 18x zoom, enabling surveillance of a large area to effectively target anti-social behaviour and provide complete coverage of trouble spots
  • Rapid deployment and redeployment – one cable, one connector and zero set startup
  • Onboard storage – to deliver a more robust, reliable and flexible video surveillance system
  • Optimised for 3G – The first of its kind on the market
  • Control room integration – for enhanced and simplified viewing
  • Multiple backhaul options - 5 GHz, 2.4 GHz, Licensed and 60/80 GHz

The highest levels of interoperability

The scalable nature of the IP platform allows for almost unlimited edge storage capacity. With default storage of 1Tb, StreetVision can store up to 40 days of 1 Megapixel video at 15 frames per second (fps).

StreetVision guarantees the highest levels of interoperability for backhauling real-time video streams from a redeployable camera. One of the benefits of being IP based, the camera connection can be delivered via 3G or over almost any wireless backhaul technology including Alvarion, Cambium (formerly Motorola), Proxim, Cisco, Siklu.

Complete Situational Awareness

StretVision comes, as standard, with a 1 Megapixel Fixed or PTZ camera, providing 3x the pixel density compared to a standard analogue system. Additionally, StreetVision can be commissioned with a higher resolution camera, up to 5 megapixels, and as all footage is stored onboard, the camera resolution poses no impact on the backhaul connection speed.

Such a scalable architecture allows multiple cameras to be deployed from one StreetVision unit, thus providing complete situational awareness, even in high-risk areas.

The interoperability capability of StreetVision’s IP platform permits any legacy camera to be deployed and enables targeted solutions to be deployed onto a common IP platform. Such features will be particularly beneficial to specific markets and niche applications, such as FLIR thermal cameras. 


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