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St Aloysius College

Facilitating Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) across campus

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St Aloysius’ College is located in the historic Garnethill area of central Glasgow. The campus is varied, providing examples of both award-winning modern architecture and construction, as well as historic listed buildings.

St Aloysius offer a wide curriculum and combine the best of what is traditional and what is modern, from Latin and Classical Studies to Product Design and Media Studies and ICT; which is used extensively in-line with the college’s commitment to continuously develop its online learning facility.

The existing infrastructure at St Aloysius did house a wireless network, however the coverage was sporadic and the capacity was no longer fit for purpose, for use by the College pupils and faculty.

In more recent months, the College had noticed a rapid increase in the number of both students and staff bringing their own devices on campus and trying to access the network. The existing network was, evidently, not able to cope, which coupled with the realisation that a Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) policy would enhance the learning environment, prompted the College to consider a cutting edge wireless LAN solution. 

Key deliverables identified for the new network were:

•    Ensure the network was both pervasive and reliable
•    Cover the main areas of the campus
•    Manage the increasing levels of traffic. 

St Aloysius pride itself on being a forward thinking and commercially aware College. In order to remain competitive, when attracting and retaining students, the College understood it needed to offer the ‘best of breed’ in technology.

Industry leaders and wireless LAN experts, Boston Networks engaged with the College to perform a thorough WLAN survey of the campus, covering all of the 5 main buildings.

Boston Networks pre-sales network specialists then designed a robust and secure wireless network, using proven Meru technology.  The bespoke, scalable network now supports the entire campus and acts as a powerful enabler of teaching and learning.

Due to the flexibility of the WLAN and its simplified maintenance, St Aloysius has implemented the new network without the need to increase IT staff, without worrying about costly upgrades and expansions, and without any security breaches. Additionally the network has proved to perform seamlessly in the busy and changing College environment.

The dynamic network enables St Aloysius students and staff to do so much more than its predecessor, including:

•    Enhance interactive  learning exercises
•    Participate in online study
•    Simplify attendance tracking and student progress

What’s more the new network, utilising cutting edge technology, grants students and staff reliable and secure access as they move around campus, from a myriad of devices.

The College believe that the new WLAN network and BYOD learning environment is a lucrative asset and will add value to its curriculum, whilst increasing the school’s competiveness when attracting new students.

Client Testimony
“I have been delighted with Boston Network’s attention to detail throughout the process. From the very beginning, they listened carefully to our requirements and gave us clear advice on how best to progress. I was reassured by their ability to explain things simply. They have also proven very easy to work with, being both responsive and flexible when required. The installation itself was straightforward and I was impressed by how quickly it was arranged and completed.”
James Cluckie, Director of ICT, St. Aloysius' College


Connecting 5 Main Campus Buildings


BYOD Ready Network to Enhance Learning

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