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The University of Edinburgh - Infirmary Street Campus

First UK University to deploy 60GHz Bridgewave wireless system

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The University of Edinburgh, founded in 1583, is an internationally renowned centre for teaching and research in Edinburgh, Scotland, United Kingdom. Rich in history and academia, its iconic buildings and diverse curriculum make it one of the most prestigious universities in Europe.

Business Challenge
Recently, the University identified the need for a back up network solution to transfer student records and course information to a data centre located at the University’s Infirmary Street Campus.

The University contacted Boston Networks, a UK-based leader in the design, installation and support of high-performance wireless and intelligent building systems, to assist in identifying a solution that met their needs for reliable and affordable carrier-grade connectivity.

Special consideration was required to ensure that the exterior of the historic Old College Campus, a listed building, was not compromised during the installation.

Insightful Solution
In its final review, Boston Networks concluded that BridgeWave’s GE60, a high capacity, gigabit Ethernet wireless system, would meet the University’s need for carrier-grade network performance. Within two weeks the system was deployed, effortlessly transmitting student records and course information to the data centre.

The old network infrastructure relied heavily on leased Metro Area Ethernet; an exorbitantly costly and time consuming solution that typically took 90 plus days to deploy. However, by sourcing a carrier-grade wireless solution, the University HAS achieved ROI in under 18 months and, in keeping with their reputation as a cutting edge institution, became the first in the UK to deploy its 60 GHz wireless system.


  • Set up in days, as opposed to the 90+ days it would take to service with fibre
  • Able to achieve ROI in under 18 months
  • Fibre-equivalent performance—true gigabit transmission with low latency


60GHz Solution


ROI Achieved in 18 Months

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