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Thermal camera solutions

Thermal Cameras

Thermal imaging camera technology is helping to support the fight against COVID-19 by allowing businesses and organisations to minimise the risk of spreading the virus, through the detection of high-body temperatures and fevers.

Utilising new automation technology, thermal cameras reduce human interactions, enabling body temperatures to be recorded quickly and accurately from a safe distance.  Contactless temperature measurement is important to avoid the unnecessary physical contact, associated with more traditional methods and which could potentially result in virus spread before a fever is detected.

Thermal cameras can be used within any environment, however, they are particularly beneficial for those with high footfall and where speed is a contributing factor, such as public spaces, airports, healthcare, and transport. 

We offer a range of Static and Handheld packaged solutions that can be deployed quickly and safely to help equip businesses and organisations for the safe return of employees and customers.

Depending on your requirements we can offer a bespoke package ranging from a full end-to-end solution including installation and support, to supply only. Download Solutions Overview

Our team of technical specialists is on hand to offer free remote consultancy to anyone looking to understand more about the available options and benefits simply complete the form below.

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