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Wireless CCTV cameras and network surveillance

Wireless CCTV

Wireless CCTV Connectivity At Less Than Half The Cost Of Traditional Leased Lines

Connecting CCTV cameras traditionally means a costly and time-consuming street dig or signing multi-year leased line contracts for backhaul connectivity.

Our wireless CCTV solutions use the already-proven advantages of wireless transmission systems. This means significant savings and a reduced carbon footprint for designers, operators and owners.

We deliver wireless connectivity to CCTV cameras and have systems up and recording with great speed. This allows same day deployments and situational awareness in hours, not weeks. Mobile or short-term deployments are possible too - for events and other on-demand projects.

Typically, wireless CCTV connections cost less than half that of traditional leased lines whilst adding significant flexibility and mobility. So, payback (ROI) of less than a year is common in urban deployments.

Surveillance systems connected wirelessly can be deployed and redeployed as events dictate, increasing not only the flexibility of your system but reducing your budgetary commitment and reliance on leased lines or capital investment in fixed connections.

In addition to our wireless CCTV connectivity solutions, we can make the most of the intelligence on the network by adding award-winning IP CCTV, video analytics and forensic analysis services. This makes your network work harder, saving both time and money and enhancing your surveillance service whatever your industry.

For maximum reliability to maintain your operational activity, our wireless CCTV solutions are surveyed, designed and deployed using our own robust, world-class and carrier-grade radio technology. What’s more, these are supported via our 24/7 Network Operation Centre (NOC).

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