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Wireless LAN

Wireless LAN

Does Your Business Depend On Your Wireless Infrastructure?

We work with global technology vendors to design, deploy and maintain truly scalable traditional or cloud based WLAN’s, dependant on your expectations, preferences and requirements.

Our WLAN solutions deliver the highest levels of network availability and resiliency whilst controlling access to corporate data, ensuring content security and providing network-wide visibility and control.

Our overarching technical understanding of Cabling, Networking and Wireless technologies, enables us to deliver truly synonymous and integrated wireless network solutions. We know that there’s a big difference between building a stand-alone WLAN and integrating Wireless with your existing networks and systems.

Our WLAN Services include


Our BYOD WLAN solutions are designed with strict security protocols and efficiently use contextual data, such as user identity, device type, application usage, location and time-of-day, in real time to fully optimise the performance of your network and simplify device management. 

No need to compromise with our Cloud Solutions

We deliver cloud based WLAN's that enable ubiquitous access, simplified management and rapid scalability. Our cloud based WLAN’s expedite rapid active directory integration, network segregation & firewall rule configuration and enable you to segment wireless users, applications, and devices; secure your network and enforce the right policies. 


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