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Wireless Telecoms

Wireless Telecoms

Deliver More Bandwidth, More Reliably

Wireless connectivity between buildings can deliver immediate cost benefits to any network, delivering high- capacity, reliable bandwidth for your backhaul and access networks.

For carriers and service providers, our Wireless Telecoms solutions offer both a competitive advantage and instant reach. We use both license-exempt and licensed radio from world class vendors, all delivered using our turnkey design, installation and commissioning service.

You can either acquire our wireless solutions as a capital purchase, fund them through our leasing packages or rent them or speak to us about our Managed Services.

Whatever your choice, we offer a compelling cost/benefit ratio that delivers performance on your network, bandwidth where it’s needed and reliability when it matters most. 

Wireless Telecoms for Service Providers

Clearly, building your network takes considerable time, planning and significant investment.

In contrast, our licenced radio solutions help service providers deliver more bandwidth, more reliably.
So, they can offer their customers a service quicker and more cost effectively than traditional fixed line solutions.

Our licence-exempt radio solutions give you further benefits. Like rapid deployment – and re-deployment – for coverage infill, events, incident hot spots and project specific demand, back-up to critical sites and “instant on” connections.

Whether it’s point-to-point or multipoint solutions delivering a range of broadband connectivity, we’ll meet even the most challenging uses, such as high definition video surveillance.

We deliver secure, reliable networks for business critical and lifeline services when timescales really matter.

Wireless Cities

Build a secure, cohesive, single network across a city and you’ll see significant economies of scale. Such consolidation of services between agencies will translate into a welcome reduction in network operation costs.

As demands for internet and e-based services increase and budget demands tighten, the business case for your wireless city will become ever more compelling.

We work with city stakeholders to meet their core needs: coverage, performance, bandwidth, security and cost.

Then, we deliver intelligent broadband networks that deliver real value across public sector and public spaces, in the UK and beyond.

Key users include:

  • Mobile workers
  • Public Access
  • Social Inclusion
  • Shared public services

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